Support to business owners

The best available business support is available to your business. Can your business afford not to find out more at no cost to you?

Do you have all the experience and knowledge to take your business to the next level?

Are you grappling with today's business issues without giving any thought to next week, next month, next year or any future?

Whom do you go to for advice on business matters crucial to the success of your business?

Seamless Business Support brings to South African business owners and their businesses access to the experience and knowledge of senior experienced business people. All are successful business advisors who have their own businesses and who at some time were in some of the “big corporate” or smaller enterprises as managing directors or senior executives.

You as business owner and your business can benefit from their sage advice and guidance - and from their practical hands on approach. The broad experience and specialist skills of these business advisors have been scrutinised by the Institute for Independent Business International. You are assured that they have passed the Institute’s stringent screening requirements, after which they were required to attend the Institutes training presented in the United Kingdom before final “trials in the field” and then eventually given accreditation. All are required to abide by the Institute’s Code of Conduct.

Seamless Business Support’s consultants are all IIB accredited. In this way we have the assurance that these are persons with high levels of experience, who have achieved personal business successes and who are committed to conduct themselves according to a common set of ethics.

If you would like a business health check then call us or email us for a NO CHARGE visit from one of our accredited associates.


Origins of Seamless Business Support

Originally Seamless Business Support was created to serve the needs of financial and other institutions with the desire to contribute to uplifting small and mid-sized businesses with which they interacted, either their suppliers or customers. These institutions desired to use the special and generalist skills of IIB Accredited Executive Associates without having to contract each consultant individually. This would ensure:
  • Continuity of support 
  • Quality of service through controls 
  • A means of recourse 
  • Access to a large variety of skills and appropriate experience 
  • The ability to bring in the skills and experience required at each stage of the client business’ development 
  • Through Seamless Business Support’s interaction with numerous other small businesses, it has also become evident to us that many business owners will benefit from this approach. 
The Client business owner has the assurance that he will receive a professionally delivered and ongoing service from highly experienced business people, even when his or her requirements change. 
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