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The following is by no means a comprehensive list, but highlights the service most common to many businesses we serve.

The emphasis with our involvement is firstly to practically guide your business development activities using good practices and applicable experiences in such a way that people within your business experience personal development and growth. And secondly to practically participate in getting those things done that your business urgently requires, although the sooner this is done by your people within the business, the better for you ultimately:
  • Business coaching and mentoring (at various levels, including preparation for succession, managers, supervisors) 
  • Business Strategy facilitation 
  • Business planning, including budget preparation 
  • Marketing and sales planning (and plan implementation) 
  • Corporate governance (including training of directors, managers in this field) 
  • Organisational design (preparation of the business to allow growth) 
  • Development of business processes, policies, procedures, work instructions (or facilitation thereof) 
  • Supervisor and manager training 
  • Financial analysis, financial structuring, financial ratio analysis 
  • Purchasing or selling a business (preparation for, through to facilitation) 
  • Sourcing of capital, funds and finances appropriate for the business 
  • ISO 9000 advice and assistance 
  • Manufacturing planning and optimisation 
  • Business exit strategy formulation and execution support