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Seamless Business Support services are available anywhere in South Africa through our extensive network of experienced Associates.

Professional Services and Resources

Professional Services and Resources

Seamless... a single point of entry; to access a vast variety of professional resources to enhance and grow your business quickly and effectively, saving you time, money and aggravation

Professional Services....

All businesses at some stage of their business life cycle need help from outside services as they face internal or external challenges and/or consider, expanding, merging, buying or selling, in order to evolve.  Through Seamless Professional Services, we offer access to a wide selection of professionals and experts in the following fields to name just a few:

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Strategic marketing and brand building

Seamless provides single point of entry to plan, manage and execute all your marketing communications and activities in a coordinated and strategic manner.

Thinking Strategically....

All businesses need an identity that reflects their image and personality.  This is called Branding.  People have relationships with brands.  Brands evoke emotions and perceptions that are based on experience and reputation.  Successful companies manage their brands, build them and sustain them.   Successful brands thrive in good times and bad, and command a premium and respect in the market.

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Is your business healthy?

Or does it have a cancerous growth somewhere?

Or could you be in denial? ... do our simple test below to see how YOU fare.

Once a year many business owners will have their personal vital statistics (such blood pressure, cholesterol count, etc.) checked out by their GP. While they live with their bodies all day,and know exactly how it feels, and behaves and suffers from babalaas, they also know that if they get some expert outside opinion, it can save them (more so their families!) a great deal of heartache in the future. However, little thought is actually given to ensuring that the machine which is ultimately responsible for their livelihoods has the bonnet lifted to check out its vital statistics.

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Business Owner and Business Executive Coaching

Business coaching is a professional, strategic, logical and sequential system which entails the following processes:
  1. The setting of initial benchmarks, ie the assessment of the current status, using, if practical, 360 degree assessment (manager, customers, suppliers, peers, staff),

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Business Strategy

Businesses operate in a fast changing environment. The strategy and direction of a business needs constant reviewing and change. Through the Business Support Programme, issues such as 2-year, 5-year and 10-year visions can be mapped out.  Positioning of the business and its brands can be debated, developed and planned.  Competitors can be analysed and growth opportunities researched and targeted.

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