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Businesses operate in a fast changing environment. The strategy and direction of a business needs constant reviewing and change. Through the Business Support Programme, issues such as 2-year, 5-year and 10-year visions can be mapped out.  Positioning of the business and its brands can be debated, developed and planned.  Competitors can be analysed and growth opportunities researched and targeted.

Tony Manning, in his book “Making sense of strategy”, writes “the race for tomorrow’s customers and profits hinges on two things: business model design
and implementation capability. So you best wrap your mind around what really matters, and get busy with it fast”.

IIB Associates are senior executives that have been in business or have run businesses of their own for many years. Associates are able to facilitate workshops with management teams in order to develop visions of the future, based on sound principles and well researched data. The problem with most strategies, marketing plans and the like is that they remain in a file somewhere until next year’s annual review. This is where the power of the IIB Business Support Programme can make the difference.

Most businesses have a good idea of their vision for growth and development, even if this is not formally documented. The biggest obstacle is effective implementation, the tactical steps of how to stay profitable in a changing business environment. IIB Associates are specifically interested in cutting to the quick to provide hands-on help that works. Several different strategy development methodologies are available within the IIB network of Associates. All of these have merit. In the end what really matters is that tactical steps and changes are implemented and that positive results are achieved.

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Submitted by: Jeff Le Roux, Executive Associate of the Institute for Independent Business International