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Is your business healthy?

Or does it have a cancerous growth somewhere?

Or could you be in denial? ... do our simple test below to see how YOU fare.

Once a year many business owners will have their personal vital statistics (such blood pressure, cholesterol count, etc.) checked out by their GP. While they live with their bodies all day,and know exactly how it feels, and behaves and suffers from babalaas, they also know that if they get some expert outside opinion, it can save them (more so their families!) a great deal of heartache in the future. However, little thought is actually given to ensuring that the machine which is ultimately responsible for their livelihoods has the bonnet lifted to check out its vital statistics.


See which of the following are question marks for your business:

  1. Enough cash in business
  2. Debtors paying on time
  3. Profitability comfortable
  4. Production process great
  5. R&D projects delivered on time
  6. Enough cash in business
  7. Statutory and tax requirements fully met
  8. Staff competent and stable
  9. Middle and top management is sound (you've actually taken unbroken leave in the past few years)
  10. IT and other systems working well
  11. Quality is good - no customer complaints
  12. Capital equipment and facilities good
  13. Processes well documented
  14. Cash situation is good
    Societal obligations on track or no problem (BEE, employment equity, environmental, safety, etc.)

Well, if every one above was an all-clear - we are sure we can assist you to SELL your business. It is really something special!!  But seriously, any question marks in the list above are only symptoms of another problem somewhere.

The problem you'll likely have in investigating your own business is that:

  1. You are probably not as objective as you would like to be.
  2. Your staff may be hiding things from you for a number of good reasons - apart from plain fear or a desire to spare you (who already has so many worries) another little cancerous concern (after all it really is not so important... YET!!).
  3. You may not know where to look, what questions to ask, even of YOURSELF.
  4. You don't have the time. After all, there is the question of Mrs Grimpot's complaint about quality; and Crook and Co down the road have again refused to pay even after the work was completed and accepted by them;
  5. and ... Do you get the drift?

Our experienced business support professionals will pay you a visit, and ask a bunch of questions. They'll look around some more, and ask some more. You may need to provide some historical information. After a week or so, with their investigation having taken around a day in total, plus some analysis, they will provide their assessment of your business.

We call this a Business Health Check in much the same way as when you visit your General Practitioner, she will diagnose some problems, but may refer you to a cardiologist for some specialist advice.

If you are interested in a health check, please feel free to contact us.