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Strategic marketing and brand building

Seamless provides single point of entry to plan, manage and execute all your marketing communications and activities in a coordinated and strategic manner.

Thinking Strategically....

All businesses need an identity that reflects their image and personality.  This is called Branding.  People have relationships with brands.  Brands evoke emotions and perceptions that are based on experience and reputation.  Successful companies manage their brands, build them and sustain them.   Successful brands thrive in good times and bad, and command a premium and respect in the market.

An imperative for successful branding is to think strategically:

Specialist services

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Media Strategy & Planning, including:

  • ATL
  • BTL
  • Electronic
  • Direct
  • Internet
  • Outdoor
  • Mobile
  • Social.

Promotions, Events, Launches

Materials, Collaterals, Premiums

Public Relations

Loyalty Programmes

Filming and Video Production

Web & Blog Design

Market Research

  • Defining your objectives
  • Analysing the market
  • Knowing the competitors
  • Positioning your brand
  • Identifying the USPs
  • Communicating effectively
  • Sustaining and growing

A brand is a "Trust Mark" - a Promise.

The proof of succesful branding is: positive customer experiences confirming your fulfilment of the brand promise.

Mobilising Resources....

Business owners, company directors and senior managers need specialist skills and resources to plan, manage and implement their strategies.

Traditional specialist resources are often limited, slow, uncoordinated and expensive. Sometimes their primary objective is to cover large internal infrastructure costs.

The smart alternative is to use a flexible, strategically minded resource that will plan and execute your strategy in an effective, efficient and coordinated manner, without having to cover large overheads.

Using the right Tools...

The effective use of the right tools is key to the successful implementation of your strategy. These come in myriad forms and are implemented via a variety of media types:

  • Advertising
  • Promotion
  • Public Relations
  • Events
  • Loyalty Programmes
  • Social Marketing

How these tools are optimised and coordinated will determine the most efficient and effective realisation and success of your strategy.

Seamless Business Support...

Can help you achieve your business objectives without attracting the large and unnecessary costs normally demanded by large, established practitioners. By mobilising and coordinating only the required skills and disciplines, we can formulate and implement your strategy effectively and economically. It makes sound business sense.

  • Plan for success
    • All business owners or managing directors are faced with the dilemma of how they can create and sustain a competitive advantage in the market place.
    • By using the services of a specialist resource, they can save fixed costs and avoid the high fees and media commissions demanded by large companies.
    • Planning is the key to success in any business, and Seamless Business Support provides the resources and experience required to ensure you have a sound strategy.
    • Careful strategic planning facilitated by SBS can give your company a competitive edge in a very crowded and changing market.
  • Improving your ROI
    • Headcount and fixed costs are a burden on companies trying to reduce overheads. So are long-term contracts and high service fees and commissions.
    • Acquiring in-house skills can be costly and difficult to shed in today's environment if after a short while you find there is no fit or underperformance.
    • Using SBS can give you the skills you need when you need them and provides only the professional services you require. So you don't pay for someone else's large overheads that you do not require.
    • So you improve your ROI while receiving a Seamless professional service.